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Neffex – Sunday

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blackbear – hot girl bummer

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Cássia Eller – Menina Mimada

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The 1975 – People

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Everyone has weakness
I don’t mind being honest
I can take off my guard and show you my scars

No need to be indecisive
Don’t wanna be afraid no more
Cus you know, no matter what they say
You gotta get things going on

I’m not perfect, yet I’m a determined soul
Every little step seems so slow
Don’t want nobody take control
Something indescriptive, inaudible
Let me show you if you choose to believe it

When you aimin’ high
I’m aiming higher
I’ll be running fast
When you feel tired

You try to play a game
Tricks are all the same
I’m getting stronger
So hey
I’m not too bothered

Aim high, aim high, I aim high
Aim high, aim high, I aim high
Aim high, aim high, ohhh


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